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At Cypher Environmental, our focus is on reducing opex and environmental footprint simultaneously, through better haul road and access road management. Our road management products, which are both zero environmental impact road dust control and stabilization solutions, are specifically engineered for the mining sector.

Our products have proven results which deliver – such as:

  • 17.4% reduction in haul truck fuel burn resulting in millions of dollars saved, due to reduced rolling resistance.
  • 61% reduction in rolling resistance.
  • 90+% reduction in airborne dust generated on treated roads.
  • 85+% reduction in water consumption.

With Cypher by your side, you will enhance project safety, reduce your environmental impact, and improve your bottom line.

Our products meet the U.S. EPA Safer Products Standards and conform to Boeing standards – proving they are fully non-corrosive (as compared to bischofite) and have no negative impact on haul trucks, water trucks or graders.


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