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ElectroKinetic Solutions Inc. (EKS) is a Canadian clean tech company specializing in developing  electrokinetic solutions for environmental problems.  

The company’s focus has been the development and marketing of the EKS-DT process, a unique  technology which uses electrokinetics to dewater tailings and other clay slurries. Research on the  technology began in 2010 and the technology was progressively scaled up from 2 L bench scale  experiments to a 130 m3 test between 2013-2016. A highly successful field demonstration was initiated  in 2019 and completed in Spring 2021. The field demonstration met or exceeded all performance  metrics, proving the technology scales up as expected. EKS is now deploying this technology. 

A soil decontamination technology, EKST, has also been developed. The concept for the EKST technology  was innovated in 2018 and since then, extensive laboratory research has proven the feasibility of the technology. The development of the technology has been supported by private investment and the  Canadian government. This low cost, mobile, ex situ process decontaminates soil on site and targets  both inorganic and organic pollutants. Validation of a full-scale commercial prototype is the next stage in  the technology’s development.


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