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Dual Rotary Rigs: Foremost’s “Dual Rotary” (DR) drill rigs have been operating successfully since 1979. Over the years, the DR method has earned an enviable reputation for its exceptional performance in unconsolidated overburden, particularly within the water well drilling industries. DR equipment drillers regularly drill and case hundreds of meters in hard overburden where reamers have not been successful. Reverse Circulation Rigs – Apex65 and Apex100: Foremost was the first manufacturer of all-terrain Reverse Air equipment, with our W750 model. Many years of field experience and continuous product improvement have made Foremost Reverse Air drills the standard for off-road exploration. Now, with the new line of Apex65 and Apex100 Mineral Exploration equipment, Foremost reverse circulation drills are flexible, economical to operate and have a low environmental impact. Primary Product/Service: Design and manufacture drilling rigs used for water well and mineral exploration. Specializing in dual rotary drilling and reverse circulation. Secondary Product/Service: Design and manufacture of blast hole consumable products – rotary deck bushings and shock absorbers.


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