Sight Power Inc.

Underground data-modeling systems and technology solutions

Sight Power Inc.

SightPower Inc.
is a leading provider of data-modelling enterprise-level systems and technology solutions for mining, oil and gas industries. SightPower’s portfolio includes geological modelling, survey automation and informational support in mining operations. The company also specializes in the design of unique C&I technologies based on both static and mobile laser scanning. The flagship product – Mobile Shaft Scanning System (MS3) – is designed for automated inspection and monitoring of operational mineshafts. MS3 brings immediate benefits to an underground mining operation: increased hoisting time, high quality of shaft inspection, reduced time spent by personnel in dangerous mining conditions, and real-time information for managerial decisions. SightPower has the best-in-class data mining technology for spatial data analysis and processing through effective indexing and compression. Other areas of expertise include transformation of raw visual data into CAD models using pattern recognition methods, and information support for mineshaft design, sinking and equipping.

Dr. Borys Vorobyov
3049 Apple Hill Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3Y8
Phone: 1-613-793-5010
Fax: 1-613-739-9062
Email: [email protected]

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