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Solutions for dust and haul-road construction problems

Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher Environmental
supplies significant cost-saving solutions for better management of access and haul road networks, in the form of non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Our products, Dust Stop and EarthZyme, are applicable using standard equipment found at any mine site and can be used to improve existing and new road infrastructure. Dust Stop is also widely used to “cap” tailings and stock piles to prevent erosion from wind and rain while reducing dust. Cypher’s solutions offer lower life cycle costing than traditional methods. For example, where Dust Stop has been applied to roads to reduce dust emissions, mine water consumption has been reduced by as much as 85% and costs reduced accordingly due to less fuel burn to maintain these roads. EarthZyme is utilized to incorporate the use of marginal engineering inputs to enable the construction of roads at a fraction of the cost of traditional road building methods. Overall, these technologies offer unique solutions to access and haul road management that help reduce operational costs.

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