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Next generation mining software solutions. Based in Ottawa, Canada, ThreeDify Inc. offers innovative mining software solutions to help clients increase resource recovery and reduce mining costs. ThreeDify’s competitive advantage lies in their ability to combine advanced modelling and optimization techniques with modern computing technologies in developing next generation mining software. ThreeDify GeoMine is a well-rounded, integrated package consisting of 11 independently licensed modules. It features an advanced block modeller (GeoModeler), a high performance pit optimizer (FlowPit) and rapid pit designer (QuickPit), a mineable shape optimizer (Stopemizer), a parametric cave optimizer (Cavemizer) and underground design module (uCAD), a unique open pit to underground transition optimizer (Optunimizer), a cutoff grade optimizer (OptimCut), a point cloud meshing tool (CloudMesher) for 3D scanners and UAVs, as well as a Life-of- Mine and production scheduler (iScheduler) for both open-pit and underground mines. ThreeDify’s solution is scalable, cost effective and easy-to-use. ThreeDify’s license model is very flexible as it offers short-term subscription, perpetual or network licenses.

Nancy Liu
VP Operations
2720 Queensview Drive, Suite 1130
Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 1A5
Phone: 1-613-454-5327
Email: [email protected]

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