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Wireless communication and edge computing solutions for outdoor industrial environments. 3D-P was created to bring innovative thinking and new technologies to outdoor industrial environments. We continue to push our thinking about what is possible – bringing our innovative thinking and approach to other challenging industrial environments around the world.

We’ve successfully deployed wireless networks in close to 100 open pit mines around the world. Creating a solution for you starts with understanding the unique data and RF requirements of both the current and future applications that are necessary for your business. Technology choices are based on what will serve your applications, environmental, business and fleet requirements.

The topology of underground mines has historically made deploying a wireless network extremely challenging. Things like poor line of sight between transmitter and receiver and reflection/refraction of signals from the underground walls made it seem like a wired network was the only option. But 3D-P has the knowledge and experience to design and deploy a wireless network in your underground mine.

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