Audace Technologies inc./GreenCube

Autonomous plug and play power generation system

Audace Technologies inc./GreenCube

The GreenCube
is a hybrid and autonomous plug and play power generation system. It allows a reliable and instant supply of isolated sites. The GreenCube operates on wind and solar power but can also be connected to a diesel generator. Depending on the needs, there are three types of GreenCube – GC6, GC Mobile and GC Nano. 

Founded in 1997, the Quebec company Audace Technologies Inc. offers innovative solutions for clean and sustainable electricity generation from renewable energies. In 2008, and following a customer's request, ATI invented an integrated technology to reduce the number of stakeholders, and at the same time bring more reliability and ease of use: GreenCube technology was born. 

Present in Canada and abroad (Senegal, Gabon, Tunisia, Argentina), ATI continues to develop a large panel of adapted products. Audace Technologies inc. is a company based on continuous technological innovation and the inventiveness of its team. It is not for nothing that 80% of our resources are devoted to Research and Development.

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