BI Pure Water Canada Inc.

Customized water treatment systems

BI Pure Water Canada Inc.

Located close to the port of Vancouver, British Columbia, BI Pure Water designs, manufactures, and tests waste and water treatment systems before shipping complete package plants near and far; from BC and Alberta to the Arctic, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Saudia Arabia and Alaska. Perfecting the building and testing in-house is the modern method, minimizing expensive installation and testing time on the field. 

BI Pure Water is not limited to one manufacturer’s technology; our engineers are versed in the newest and best products, and designing efficient applications that work with the technologies and client’s needs. We service all our treatment plants and train local operators to monitor and maintain them, although with our remote monitoring systems, maintenance is minimized. Our mission is to provide you with a complete custom water solution: design, build and service, utilizing the latest technologies, designed and manufactured to meet your unique requirements, at an affordable price.

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