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From Increase asset utilization, eliminate bottlenecks and downtime, find operational savings and improve productivity RtDUET gives you a complete picture of your operation. Put a finger on the pulse of your production. Capturing data manually sucks. Spreadsheets aren’t the best way to calculate your performance and won’t show in real-time that a line is down or why. Keep your finger on the pulse of your production with RtDUET. Connect to multiple sources including any PLC, DCS, meter or data historian aggregating environmental, production, and operational data. Apps are scalable to include multiple sites with up to 5 hierarchies. Single-day integration with fully supported installation on Microsoft Azure cloud platform via monthly SaaS or as a Site or Enterprise license on-premise. Eliminate energy waste, understand energy use, find saving opportunities and target ideal consumption you can visualize, eliminate energy waste in your process and control your energy costs with RtEMIS. Make one of your highest variable costs a managed expense. Automate the process of mapping and managing energy consumption within your process. Make impactful decisions faster and reduce energy waste.

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