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Aquatic Life Ltd. is a Canadian company based in Pinawa, Manitoba. Situated right beside the Winnipeg River, we demonstrate our products and provide education to both the public and private sector. Aquatic Life Ltd supports and services world wide, representing the highest quality suppliers of environmental monitoring instrumentation. We are committed to the development and design of remote real time water quality monitoring systems specializing in Drinking Water, Surface Water, Ground Water, Industrial Water and Waste Water. AquaHive is a signature product – a smart remote water monitoring system that combines a myriad of functions and provides real-time data analysis from even the hardest to reach sites. The AquaHive is compatible with the world’s highest quality environmental sensors for monitoring water parameters such as water level, temperature, conduc¬tivity, optical RDO, pH/ORP, pressure, ammonium, chloride nitrate and salinity.  The AquaHive is also equipped with a critical event module that allows the system to automatically issue commands and prevent incidents.


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