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DST is a Canadian Company offering proprietary and novel metallurgical processes for the treatment of complex and refractory material from mining operations. DST’s processes are applied for the extraction of gold (CLEVR Process) and for the removal and stabilization of arsenic (GlassLock Process) from ores and concentrates. DST provides environmentally friendly, viable and efficient processes, capable of handling ores which may not be processed with conventional approaches due to metallurgical issues or environmental considerations.

DST has industrial demonstration plants located in Thetford Mines, Canada and onsite an operating copper smelter in Africa (Namibia). Processes are at the commercialization phase and DST is working on implementation projects in North America, Africa, and South America.

Founded in 1997, the Company now employs a team of multi-disciplinary engineers, chemists, geologists, technicians, and operators. DST’s management consists of experienced industry professionals, supported by its advisory and corporate board members composed of renowned industry veterans.

DST is supported by its majority shareholder, Dundee Corporation, a diversified holding company who has invested >$40M over the years in the development and support of the Technologies.


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