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5N Plus is a specialty metals and chemicals company that supplies key components in countless consumer and industrial products. Customers use our products to make thin-film solar panels, pharmaceuticals, LEDs (light emitting diodes) and a multitude of other items that are essential to our way of life. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and with strategically located facilities around the world, 5N Plus is among the leading suppliers of specialty metals, alloys and related chemicals. Beyond being a trusted supplier, we are a business partner. This means deploying proprietary and proven technologies to meet the specifications customers demand, securing long-term sourcing contracts with primary producers so that customers can depend on us and offering value-added services such as cradle-to-cradle recycling and R&D partnerships 5N Plus is an innovator that unlocks new opportunities all in the service of enhancing our customers’ competitiveness. We invite you to learn more about our commitment to our business partners.


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