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Dust control, soil stabilization, monitoring and management
ABC Dust integrates products, solutions and specialists in dust control and stabilization to respond to the needs of each customer – for pit mines and for secondary access roads and camps. By means of an initial diagnosis, ABC Dust prepares and executes a comprehensive work plan ensuring efficiency, safety, quality and reduced environmental impact by integrating environmentally friendly dust suppressants and soil stabilizers; high-precision remote controlled irrigation systems; air quality modeling and forecasting; real-time geo-positioned dust and road conditions monitoring systems; and a water trucks fleet, dust and road conditions management platform. ABC Dust is a Canadian company, with an international network of partners with more than 20 years of experience. ABC Dust ensures expert services and access to senior engineers with experience executing projects for mining companies worldwide. ABC Dust’s products and services can be provided in English, Spanish and French.

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+1 (581) 928-1318


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