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Delivering World-Class Burners To Commercial Industries
Founded in 2008 Absolute Combustion International Inc. had the vision to become one of the world’s leading burner technology innovators that deliver the highest heat transfer efficiency possible with the lowest emissions in numerous applications for the international market. Our burner efficiency allows us to better transfer heat to the process. Due to our ability to increase heat transfer efficiency by 35% or greater the result is the capability to put more process through the vessel without any additional fuel or energy costs. All combustion takes place in the first 8” inside the combustion chamber. You receive the heat without the issue of flame impingement. The benefit… reduces production downtime and costly repairs. In addition, our technology minimizes flame impingement and Absolute Combustion = 2 to 4 psi vs. Competitors pressure at 12 – 19 psi. Lower fuel pressure means increased safety.


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