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First step in oil analysis sampling.

Checkfluid is a leading supplier of precision oil sampling valves, oil condition monitoring devices and technical support – for both fleet and process mining equipment in over 50 countries worldwide. Centralized live sampling centers (SC) combine sampling from different mobile systems into one safe ground-level access manifold and box. Drive system plugs (LE) let you sample and level check without opening the system to inside built-up pressure or outside contamination with an optional (EL) oil level check sensor probe. Magnetic drive system plugs (LEM) collect and monitor ferrous debris with built in venting. Service drive position indicators (DPI) wirelessly signal a spotter to help keep the space around the vehicle safe while positioning the wheel or track for draining or level checking. Moisture sensors (MTL) can provide early warning for water in stationary gearboxes. Checkfluid is ISO 9001:2008 registered.


Checkfluid Inc.

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Checkfluid Inc.

+1 (519) 652-6373

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