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CLEANTEK products focus on two categories: wastewater management and solar-hybrid lighting and power for off-grid applications. Both wastewater dehydration technologies, the CleanSteam™ and ZeroE™, use hot combustion gas to separate the pure water within wastewater and release the clean water vapor to the atmosphere along with cooled, cleaned combustion gas. This patented process consolidates the wastewater contaminants into a much smaller concentrate volume so fluid hauling, disposal, and injection are minimized. These technologies not only reduce customer expense and logistics they also reduce the impact larger volumes of wastewater have on the environment. Another significant technology is the second generation SolarHybrid.Li™ which is a substantial step-change in the industry. Lithium-ion batteries are incorporated along with state-of-the-art LED lights (designed and manufactured in-house), custom designed circuit boards and sophisticated energy management software. The result is a product that can save over 95% of fuel consumption, operating cost, CO₂ emissions, and noise pollution when compared to other light towers.

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