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Canada’s Leader in Providing Complete Mine Water Treatment Solutions
Clearflow began in 2005 as a response to the drive towards more sustainable environmental stewardship and stricter regulatory controls. We specialize in soil stabilization, erosion and sediment control, water clarification and treatment, and wastewater treatment in the commercial and industrial sector. We support our own line of polymer products with a suite of services provided by professional engineers, chemists, scientists, project managers and installers. Since Clearflow’s inception, we have continued to develop and perfect our Lynx line of polymer products with informed research and systematic testing. Water Lynx and Soil Lynx are environmentally safe products that have been proven effective through our years of experience. With our industry-leading polymer product line, our clients meet or exceed environmental regulations, set and achieve water discharge targets, and reduce their environmental footprint. With our polymer products and services, you can attain the industry standard and accepted “Best Management Practices.”


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