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Leading technology provider for the capture and purification of CO2
CO2 Solutions Inc. (CSI) is a leading technology provider for the capture and purification of CO2 from industrial flue gases. Pioneer in the industry, the company offers revolutionary technology that meets the challenge of using CO2 as a raw material in many industries essential to the production of modern goods, as well as the challenge posed by CO2 as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions CO2 Solutions’ innovative carbon-capture technology stands out through its ingenious use of the carbonic anhydrase (CA) enzyme. Naturally present in humans and all living organisms, CA is vital to the organic exchange of CO2 during respiration. Heads turned in 2014 when CO2 Solutions presented their high-performance industrial version of carbonic anhydrase. The new enzyme – named 1T1 – has the catalytic properties that dramatically accelerate CO2 capture as compared to conventional technologies. It does this using simple and harmless salt solutions – another innovation – rather than the toxic solvents used by other capture technologies.


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