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Smart solutions for the management of nutrients and micropolluants in water and wastewater
E2 Metrix delivers reliable, effective and affordable solution for the reduction or elimination of targeted pollutants and micro-contaminants. ECOTHOR™ is a unique, patented electrolysis process for the safe, effective and affordable removal of ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals from mine water contaminated by normal blasting operations. ECOTHOR™ is the next generation application of for the removal & recovery of nutrients, the reduction of micro-contaminants, the elimination of microorganisms and the advanced oxidation of complex organics. ECOTHOR™ is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for advance wastewater treatment with low OPEX – proprietary anode design with an optimized power management system ensures low operating costs and low CAPEX – flexible reactor sizing ensures that the system can easily scale up from less than 10m3/d to more than 4,000 m3/d. Simple-to-operate and easy-to-maintain.


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