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EDI is well versed in the environmental regulations and requirements for mining projects, and we carefully track the changing regulatory context.  We also understand the logistical challenges of conducting projects in remote locations. With eight offices in western and northern Canada, EDI is strategically placed to respond to project needs and to provide services during all stages of your mining project. EDI professionals have proven experience in the mining industry. Some of our services include: Environmental baseline studies and environmental impact assessments to address federal and provincial regulatory requirements; Construction environmental management planning for road developments, mine construction, sediment pond construction, and other mine-related activities; Habitat suitability ratings (HSR), predictive ecosystem mapping (PEM), and terrestrial ecosystem mapping (TEM), Aquatic and environmental effects monitoring, Hydrology assessments and monitoring, Erosion and sediment control and environmental monitoring for all aspects of mine construction and Site restoration, reclamation and closure.


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