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Self-Sufficient, Self-Cleaning Cameras for Harsh and Dirty Environments

ExcelSense Technologies’ self-cleaning camera systems are rugged, integrated units designed for the toughest applications. Patent-pending ClearSight™ technology keeps the camera’s view unobstructed by contaminants, so the system continues to perform with a high level of optical clarity in any conditions – extreme heat and cold, high-vibration and shock environments, and areas affected by dust, sand, mud, grease, oil and more – especially when a camera cannot be reached for regular cleaning and maintenance. ExcelSense provides reliable, purpose-built, field-ready cameras that eliminate the need for further engineering effort and infrastructure. Elimination of camera maintenance reduces equipment downtime, the associated cost of labor, as well as the necessary equipment for the job. The cameras, by design, ensure a greater resistance to small flying rocks, decreasing the possibility of damage in rough conditions typical in the mining environment. ExcelSense technology: Install it once and forget about it.


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