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Reliable and durable portable climate-control systems.

Frost Fighter has set the standard in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the most reliable portable climate-control systems for over 35 years. The innovative IDF and IHS series have been used in a number of applications such as concrete curing, tent heating, equipment preheating, industrial painting, pest control, restoration and dehumidification, mining, and general construction. Frost Fighter manufactures heaters from 200,000 to 1.5 million BTU, in propane/natural gas or oil. Some unique features on the oil-fired product include environmental spill containment on the tank, a Genysis controller with easy troubleshooting access, and a fully insulated jacket for increased safety and higher temperature rise. The propane/natural gas unit is equipped with an easy ball-valve switch-over from propane to natural gas, and three trials for ignition to eliminate nuisance service calls. Frost Fighter offers proven reliability in even the harshest environments, from the Andes Mountain to the most Northern regions of Canada.


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