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Overhauser, potassium and proton precession magnetometer technologies
GEM Systems Inc. is a world leader in highprecision magnetometers, gradiometers and magnetic sensors for mineral/oil exploration, environmental, engineering, UXO applications and earthquake research. GEM Systems pioneered the most precise optically pumped potassium magnetometer and the high-speed Overhauser. Ground systems include magnetometers and gradiometers available in walking mode and featuring integrated GPS and optional VLF-EM for shallow resistivity mapping. Airborne systems include magnetometer, VLF sensor(s) and towed bird systems for single sensor and gradiometer (vertical and/ or horizonal configuration) applications. Earth monitoring systems include the dIdD vector magnetometer for measuring precise changes in Earth declination and inclination, and the Super Gradiometer for measuring very subtle gradient field changes. UAV solutions include the ultralightweight potassium highprecision UAV magnetometer (DRONEmag™) in addition to the super-lightweight Cardinal, AirBIRD, AirGRAD and the new AirVLF (UAV VLF-EM) towed systems. GEM also manufactures a stabilized magnetic field system for experimentation and calibration. Systems are turnkey, reliable, available with various options and configurations and a three-year warranty.

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