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One micron filtration prolonging equipment and oil life
Generation 2 Filtration™ (G2F) has been doing international business for more than 22 years. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, G2F has a special focus on innovative products intended to decrease operating costs, maintenance costs and downtime – and extend management options with the G2F product line. Generation 2 Filtration™ is registered in NATO’s military catalogue with associated NATO stock numbers. Its products offer multiple benefits: cutting costs; a positive environmental impact; extending oil drain intervals; removing contamination down to one micron; and removing water for all types of oils. Generation 2 Filtration™ products are applicable for mining equipment, construction, industry, transportation and more, whether it is hydraulic, engine, thermal, transmission or gear oils – basically any oil that needs filtering to protect and prolong the life of the asset. Generation 2 Filtration™ is the proactive solution to benefit the end user and the environment.


Garth Owens

+1 (613) 755-6010

Garth Owens

+1 (613) 755-6010

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