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Our team is happy to be a member of MSTA CANADA and are looking forward to being a contributing member to this community. Goldbeck Recruiting has been working to support the mining industry and its suppliers since 1997.

Working with Goldbeck is a unique experience because we really get to know the technical and cultural specifics of the position to get the right fit for your team. We don’t just post ads and send you resumés, we engage in direct headhunting and get your feedback along the way.

Specializing in mid to senior level roles, we have a long history in the natural resources sector and intimately understand the specificity of hiring requirements. We focus on operations management, sales and sales management, engineering, HR, finance and accounting.

When you work with Goldbeck, you get a hands-on approach and a replacement guarantee for full confidence.


Henry Goldbeck

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Henry Goldbeck

+1 (877) 684-1428

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