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Hydrogenics is the leader in designing, manufacturing, building and installing industrial and commercial Hydrogen generation, Hydrogen fuel cells and MW-scale energy storage solutions. It’s our people, our engineers, our experts who are accelerating a global “power shift” to a cleaner energy future. We offer world leading expertise for a range of applications, including: PEM and alkaline Hydrogen generators for Industrial processes and Fueling stations; Hydrogen fuel cells for electric vehicles, such as urban transit buses, commercial fleets, utility vehicles and electric lift trucks; Fuel cell installations for freestanding electrical power plants, critical power and UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply); “Power-to-Gas” the world’s most innovative way to store and transport energy; We are located in Mississauga, Canada with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Belgium and United States. In addition, we have corporate and sales offices, and Hydrogen installations, operating in several countries around the world.


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