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Ingenia is a leading-edge technologies company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality air handling units, from fast delivery modular units to fully custom projects. Ingenia’s advanced engineering and manufacturing platform provides unlimited flexibility to adapt to all HVAC needs. From modular to fully custom units, we never compromise on quality. We also specialize in jobsite assembled as well as special acoustical or energy recovery requirements projects. We are a solution-based company. As such, we continuously ensure that our systems include the latest technologies to meet and exceed our customers’ quality expectations. Ingenia’s innovation initiatives are driven by a passion to provide the highest standard of product quality and the most reliable service. Over the years, the company has pioneered the most advanced cabinet construction in the industry, and we have never stopped pushing the limits of innovation to perfect it further. That quality of design is reflected throughout our product lines, from fast delivery modular units to fully custom projects.


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