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KMX’s membrane distillation systems provide unique, proven and low-cost solutions for brine concentration. KMX Membrane Technologies’ hollow fiber, membrane distillation (HF-VMD) technology offers a unique solution to costly brine management problems. Our primary technology applications include: Oil & Gas, Oil & Gas wastewater demonstration, desalination, wastewater and mining. In mining, water scarcity and the inability to discharge to local water bodies is an increasing issue for mining companies.  We focus on solutions for water efficiency, recovery and reuse and recovery of mining salts can cost effectively address these issues. In partnership with NRCAN and Canmet Mining, KMX deployed a pilot system to evaluate the application of HFMD technology for treating a wide range of mining wastewater streams. The results are: High water recovery over > 90%, Concentration of salts beyond saturation >30%, Minimal membrane cleaning, Ultra clean permeate < 10ppm, Capable of treating highly acidic wastewater and Saturated concentrate allows for metal and acid recovery.


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