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Always improving. Always growing.

At Load Paradise we pride ourselves with being a family owned business dedicated to ensuring our customers remain happy long after doing business with them. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with Organizations and help them succeed in there industry.

We began as a transportation company delivering freight for many different industries all throughout Canada. Load Paradise aims to help mining companies in Ontario and eventually all of Canada to grow their operations by providing the equipment and transportation that they need in a safe and timely matter.

Utility poles, Jersey curbs and Chassis Trailers are just a few things we supply. We are open to selling and transporting anything our customers’ wants and if we can’t satisfy your needs then no one can.

As you can tell we are not in the business of saying “NO” because that is not what our customers want to hear so if you’re looking to grow your mining operations, we can help you.


Rohan Ranaweera

+1 (289) 707-0675

Rohan Ranaweera

+1 (289) 707-0675

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