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Materium’s silica microsphere platform is changing the world of advanced materials. Founded in 2010, we now have clients around the world who use our microspheres and graphene in lightweight and conductive materials, in biotech applications and water purification, and for microencapsulation of active ingredients. Materium stands out thanks to its audacity, its avant-guard products and its personalized service, combining knowledge, science and innovation in our multidisciplinary team. Our graphene nano-flakes and silica-graphene composite materials provide high thermal or electrical conductivity at reduced loading to maintain mechanical and optical properties. At 1% wt. loading in PP, our graphene additive has demonstrated an increase in thermal conductivity by 60%. Applications include: Thermally conductive composites (e.g. thermal interface materials, susceptors for rapid thermal processing, etc.), Energy storage, Materials for microelectronics, semiconductors, Materials for aerospace applications, Multi-purpose filler for 3D printing.


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