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Electrocoagulation Wastewater Treatment Systems are a patented and patent pending breakthrough process that finally allows the beneficial attributes of electrocoagulation to be utilized as an industrially robust, remedial wastewater treatment method. Electrocoagulation (EC) works by electrically dissolving a metal anode into a treatment stream of contaminated water. Chemically reactive ions are released that break stable emulsions and suspensions causing contaminants to form flocs that can be removed leaving clean clear water for use, reuse or ‘in compliance’ discharge. With a small footprint and low set up and operating cost, our equipment is an excellent choice for operations with water contaminated with emulsified oils, BETX, PAHs, poorly settling solids, poorly soluble organics, contaminants that add turbidity and negatively charged metals. Shipyards, manufacturing, food production, commercial waste handlers, oil and gas, mining, aquaculture, oil from algae and desalination plants are some of the industries that can benefit. Our technology is scalable and treatment cells can be designed to meet process requirements.


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