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Your trusted partner in waste water treatment solutions.

Minera Environmental Solutions is a manufacturing agent specialized in the mining sector. We work with end users, operators, EPC firms, Integrators and Consultants all over Canada. With our Principals, Minera covers most of the mine water/wastewater equipment needs. For instance, we work with WesTech Engineering when it comes to clarification, filtration, NF/UF/ RO and sludge thickening.

When a biological treatment system is required, Minera brings in Nexom who can help in various ways with an MBBR (Mixed bed bioreactor) or with their cutting-edge technology called SAGR (Submerged attached growth reactor). When it comes to online monitoring of the various water parameters, we work with EHP Environment. Their systems are also particularly useful in determining the environmental baseline.

Minera delivers projects from an equipment supply only to an EPCM model (with partners). We can be your one shop stop for your equipment needs or a partner to penetrate the Canadian mining sector.


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