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Grouting professionals – water control for underground mines.

Founded in 1988, Multiurethanes is commemorating 30 years of grouting excellence. Multiurethanes’ grouting specialists offer effective engineering services to resolve challenging water inflow complications for underground mining companies. The technical solutions provided by Multiurethanes’ engineers include large-volume, high-pressure water inflows and construction through broken and water-bearing ground conditions. Recent examples of projects employing Multiurethanes’ products, equipment and engineering services include shaft sinking and mine-development for projects around the globe. Multiurethanes’ expertise relies in the application of specific grouting technologies involving chemical and cement grouts, specialized equipment and accessories for overcoming challenging underground mining conditions. Multiurethanes’ grouting specialists deliver onsite, hands-on training of grouting fundamentals to provide your crew with water abatement capabilities. To find out more about the grouting services we routinely offer to our mining clients, or to obtain additional information, call, email or visit our websites.



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