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Founded in 2007, Nanozen Industries Inc. pioneers innovative approaches to aerosol exposure analysis for industrial workplace environments. Nanozen’s mission is to build, test, and market leading edge technologies that drive new, emerging standards for workplace analysis, worker protection and timely corrective action in the Occupational Health and Safety industry. Nanozen created the wearable particle sensor.  The device is extremely easy to use, automated pump control and calibration, lightweight; hold in one hand, clip on belt or put in vest pocket, web enabled control interface, no difficult buttons or sequences, highly accurate; test readings within seconds, measures respirable dust < 4 micron, particle counts and mass concentration and has post sample analysis capability. The key to the value of real-time devices is the accuracy and amount of data that an IH gets from the shift vs the standard method alone. This allows much more depth of analysis of causes and locations of danger that can be controlled.


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