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Nelmaco Eastern Ltd. is the OEM of all JOY Canadian air and electric slusher scrapers. Nelmaco also manufactures parts for both Canadian and American-made JOY slushers. All JOY units and parts are made to JOY’s original specifications. Nelmaco provides all the accessories required to work with JOY units. These items include scrapers, air motors, throttle valves, sheave blocks and nonrotating wire rope. Nelmaco also specializes in repairing, rebuilding and servicing all makes and models of slushers, tuggers, hoists and winches. Rentals of slusher units are available. Nelmaco stocks full-sized portable toilets and hand carry units, along with many sanitation supplies. In addition, Nelmaco provides maintenance for mine ventilation fans and supplies parts for these units. Nelmaco continues to expand its capabilities in rebuilding and repairing smaller mining equipment, giving better serviceability and the best quality to its customers. Nelmaco provides its services on a global scale.


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