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In April 2016, North Rim Exploration Ltd. (North Rim) joined RESPEC as a wholly owned international subsidiary. The North Rim/RESPEC team aligns two successful organizations focused in the natural resource industry. Both companies have a long history working in the Canadian mining marketplace. North Rim enhances RESPEC’s technical service offerings through expanded capability in the geoscience consulting market. Specifically, North Rim’s specialized capabilities in the areas of drilling management, mineral resource mapping, mining integrity studies, feasibility studies, and 43-101 report compilations enable RESPEC to provide turnkey services to the mining marketplace. North Rim’s key management team Karri Howlett, Lola Piché, Debbie Shewfelt, and Tabetha Stirrett will continue to lead the operations of North Rim for RESPEC. RESPEC are world-renowned experts in geoscience, engineering, and technology, RESPEC is a global leader in integrated technology solutions and consulting for mining, minerals, and energy.


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