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Novacab develop and manufacture smart energy storage technologies that can benefit to industrial processes, buildings, and vehicles. With our office in Montreal, Québec and offices in the U.S. soon, the company aims to offer clean technologies that substantially reduce energy consumption peak loads and greenhouse gases emissions. For industrial uses, buildings, and energy production, Thermal Energy Storage Solution(TESS) is smart thermal storage that can be integrated to buildings and industrial processes. HTEES is a hybrid approach that integrates both Electric Energy Storage (EES) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). Both TESS and HTEES are industrial systems that improve the performance of cooling systems (which usually use a great amount of energy and produces pollution). Because of the ability to provide large storage capacity and improved process control, they also do what is needed for optimal operating conditions by using the free energy that would otherwise be wasted (Solar energy, exhaust heat, free cooling, etc.).


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