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The solution to environmental sustainability, retained profitability and heavy equipment longevity.
One Eye Industries has designed a unique magnetic filtration technology that can be applied to a variety of applications in diverse industries. The value of OEI magnetic filtration is three-fold: One Eye’s cleanable magnetic filtration technology is the sustainable alternative to disposable filters. This technology is proven to extend fluid, component and ultimately equipment life by 300% because of it’s ability to efficiently remove contamination to sub-micron levels. Your equipment runs cleaner and therefore much longer, requires less scheduled maintenance intervals and your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced due to less consumption. This value is produced because our patented technology attracts microscopic (under 4 micron) magnetic and non-magnetic particles that cause the most detrimental wear to equipment components. Efficient filtration of this contamination leads to cleaner fluids, less maintenance and meaningful, long-term cost savings. Because our magnetic filters can be cleaned and reinstalled, you’re not having to throw away dirty oil-saturated filters that negatively impact our environment.


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