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Onsens is an innovative company specialized in sensors and monitoring devices for environment, health and sport applications. Onsens helps people and organisations by providing unique products and solutions for unmet market needs. Building on its strong expertise in electronics, photonics and biophotonics, Onsens is committed to provide the best monitoring devices for targeted applications. What’s more, its products are developed with great consideration for simplicity of utilisation, robustness and efficiency. Most of them are connected and part of the Internet of Things revolution. Two of our solutions are Instacarb and BODY. Instacarb constantly monitors the level of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water. It is used for both freshwater and wastewater monitoring. In freshwater, TOC monitoring helps determine the optimal level of water treatment and avoid undesirable bacterial growth. BODY is a patented algorithm to determine the body core temperature of a wearer. The BODY algorithm is easily incorporated in any commercial Smartwatch with the addition of two low cost temperature sensors.


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