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Advancing environmental stewardship of our soil resources
Paragon is a recognized industry leader specializing in soil and vegetation as they relate to development and reclamation. With a large contingent of soil and vegetation specialists on staff, we have the capacity and experience to take on any scale of project. Paragon earns the trust of its clients by focusing on their needs and responding with high-quality, high-value solutions. By being actively involved in many aspects of the environmental consulting industry, we bring new scientific and technical innovations together with the operational requirements of our clients. Reclaiming mining areas to an equivalent land capability is a multifaceted process that is guided by regulatory bodies, and a combination of guidelines pooled across mining industries, scientific research groups, and inputs from various stakeholders and local communities. Paragon has worked in a variety of mine types including coal, oil sands, uranium, gold and other base metal mines. We have extensive field experience in operations and monitoring and have both witnessed and driven reclamation practice evolution. Paragon’s team of professionals have experience designing and implementing mine reclamation plans in prairie, foothills and northern boreal forest eco-regions. Reclamation plans are tailored to each client’s site-specific soil and landscape conditions. By being actively involved with new innovations in the reclamation industry, Paragon can merge new approaches with the operational requirements of our clients.


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