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Advanced extraction technology
Phase Separation Solutions is the Canadian leader in the provision of advanced remediation solutions for PCBs, dioxins, creosote and pesticide impacted soils. The patented Thermal Phase Separation (TPS) technology is a unique example of a group of technologies referred to as Low Temperature Indirect Thermal Desorption. The system is capable of safely extracting all hydrocarbon contaminants from soil and sludge using indirectly applied heat in an enclosed extraction chamber.  The hydrocarbons are heated to the point of volatilization and are removed from the chamber where they are condensed and separated for final disposition.  Chlorinated organic hydrocarbons such as PCBs , dioxins or pesticides are carefully contained for 3rd party destruction while non-hazardous hydrocarbons such as diesel or crude oil are filtered and recycled.  Unlike incineration, the entire process is done without producing any harmful air emissions as the contaminants never come into contact with the flame from the heat source.


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