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Industrial Strength Protective Coatings
Established in 1983,¬†Polyval Coatings¬†started out as a local supplier of light duty industrial maintenance coatings. Since its inception, Polyval has stayed loyal to its mission of being a cutting edge, hi-tech company, while keeping a close and personal working relationship with our customers. Through constant innovative product development, we have steadily expanded our product lines, becoming a leading provider of light and heavy-duty maintenance coatings. We worked hard to earn a reputation as a company comprised of knowledgeable and experienced staff members, working in unison to bring you tomorrow’s technology today. Polyval has five product offerings: Polyflex Products – Polyurea and Polyurethane Membranes and Linings, Polyrock Products – High-Build, Mastic and Coal Tar Epoxies, Polyur Products – Alkyds, Urethanes, DTM and more, Xymax Products – Moisture-Cure Urethane Coatings and Polyval Products – Urethane Binders and Specialty Products.


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