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Pioneer in Catalytic Coatings for Ethylene Furnaces
Quantiam develops and commercializes disruptive, world-first new products based on Advanced Materials, NanoMaterials, Coatings, Surfaces and Catalysts for energy and environment-related applications, and extreme-operating environments. Quantiam provides the most advanced high-performance coatings for internal-surfaces of complex shapes such as tubulars with a coating capacity of 3 million-in2/year expandable to 12 million-in2/year, and tube-lengths currently at 17 feet, expandable to 34 feet. Quantiam has the most extensive Advanced Materials and NanoMaterials development and characterization facilities in Canada’s private sector, including: AES/SAM · small-spot XPS · SIMS · FE-SEM/EDS · Surface-XRD · High Temperature XRD · TGA/SDTA · H₂-TGA∙Specialized-Metallography · Extensive High Temperature performance characterization and accelerated materials degradation testing (Wear and Corrosion). Quantiam’s experience, track-record and world-class capabilities are capitalizing on the properties of matter at the macro-, micro-, nano- and sub-nano scale to redefine the “new-possible” in materials system properties, and delivering world-first commercial benefits to the marketplace.


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