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Moving material handling in a whole new direction
It’s Time to Rethink Mine Design – New technology for faster, more profitable operations. Now, there’s a whole new way to think about material hauling. With Rail-Veyor®. The first and only system that’s simpler, greener, and far more efficient than any other solution out there. Rail-Veyor offers a full range of services including research and development, material hauling testing at dedicated demonstration facilities, engineering and design of fully-commissioned installations and after-sale support. The idea began as far back as the late 1960s. Today, technology has advanced both operational control and manufacturing to the point where Rail-Veyor is commercially ready. See below which companies have already joined the Rail-Veyor family of customers and know the benefits of a Rail-Veyor material haulage solution. Rail-Veyor® works harder than conveyors, more nimbly than heavy rail and is environmentally smarter and less costly than truck hauling.

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