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Odor Control and Rapid Sludge Reduction
SciCorp BIOLOGIC® is a proprietary plant-based blend of organic micronutrients that stimulates specific aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria species causing competitive inhibition of sulphur reducing bacteria. The technology reduces energy costs, lowers sludge handling and disposal costs, reduces odors and improves treatment results at wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment plants where the product has been successfully applied range in type and size from high capacity municipal and industrial plants to very small, low flow package plants, as well as many holding tank and waste storage/portable toilet applications. The product stimulates bacterial species that are responsible for hydrolysis of fats oils and greases (FOG) and other biosolids present in wastewater. SciCorp BIOLOGIC® also improves the activated sludge process. The inner portion of a microbial floc in an aeration tank becomes a localized anoxic/anaerobic environment because the oxygen is stripped from the wastewater by the outer aerobic zones of the floc. Also, SciCorp BIOLOGIC® removes odors in anaerobic sections of wastewater treatment plants.


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