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Transforming coal ash environmental liabilities into assets
We extract value from Coal Ash. We clean close impoundments. We improve the bottom line. SonoAsh offers a proven, patented process creating the socially responsible building products of tomorrow.  SonoAsh was established to create and commercialize a comparable and enhanced uniform particle size cementitious pozzolan. The SonoAsh process provides an economically viable way of mining strategic metals and rare earth elements from Coal Ash impoundments. A key feature of the SonoAsh process is to be able to reuse Coal Ash water repeatedly with only a modest water treatment component for process blowdown. By installing SonoAsh facilities where variable ash is recovered, 75% of the fraction produced is a uniform, high-quality, beneficiated ash that allows for the industry to address concerns of variable and insufficient quantities of saleable ash in North American construction materiel markets. The remaining high-carbon fraction collects and accumulates strategic and rare earth metals (REEs) for subsequent recovery.


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