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Enabling Zero Waste Discharge Habitats
Terragon was created to develop simple appliances that enable any habitat to treat its own waste locally with no environmental damage and with significant benefits from the recovery of resources contained within the waste. Terragon’s unique appliances enable the Total Resource Utilization (TRU) habitat as well as the Zero Waste Discharge habitat, leading to reduced environmental impact and contributing to a revolution in resource management. Terragon’ s novel Micro Auto Gasification System, or MAGSTM, is the world’s most compact, efficient and environmentally safe technology for the conversion of a variety of combustible materials into thermal energy for use by the site where these materials are generated. Terragon’s WETTTM is a new patented approach that can be used to treat water for recycle or reuse and treat water for safe discharge. The approach is based on cutting-edge electrochemistry, and a design philosophy which eliminates biological treatment, disposable filters and membranes, and the need to add chemical reagents.


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