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Expertise in clean energy geomechanics
Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI™) is an environmental service company focused on the development and implementation of technologies for Sustainable Resource Development. TTI’s area of expertise is Clean-Energy Geomechanics. TTI has developed an innovative, long-term, sustainable, hydraulic fracturing (HF) process, called Slurry Fracture Injection™  (SFI™). The SFI process is an ‘Environmentally Sustainable HF’ technology. The SFI process has multiple applications, including environmentally sustainable deep well disposal and unconventional petroleum resource development. There are significant environmental advantages associated with using the SFI process in these applications. In deep well disposal applications, SFI has a proven environmental record of ‘Zero Discharge’ waste disposal, with no impact on the biosphere. The SFI technology has been proven to be a viable and safe permanent waste disposal method. TTI’s services are built on extensive experience in geomechanics, geology, fracture mechanics, and environmental management with practical field experience.


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