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Timberland Equipment Limited (TEL) is a Canadian privately owned company established in 1947, making this year our 71st consecutive year in business, based in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Timberland designs and manufactures mine service hoists, production hoists, general purpose materials hoists, personnel hoists, mine construction hoists, shaft sinking hoists, stage, platform, and galloway handling hoists, slope hoists, mine truck mounted escape hoists and cages, rail car puller systems, hoist re-roping and rope tensioning systems, reel winders, small to large sheaves, and winches for conveyor belt tensioning, both gravity and dynamic based. We’ve been building this equipment specifically for the mining industry since the late 1960s and comply to several codes including SIL (1, 2, and 3.) Timberland owns and operates four other companies: TSE International Inc. and Almon Johnson Limited in Shreveport Louisiana, Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. in Sudbury, Ontario, OK Champion in Woodstock, Ontario, and Hawboldt Industries in Chester, Nova Scotia.


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